The most clear sign of secret spying activities is the theft of your confidential information. The underground industry of stealing secrets is worth billions of euros in Europa.

The loss of your secrets may not be obvious, so you should always follow your gut feeling in this matter. When your rivals know things that are clearly private, or the media learns about things they should not know, then you have a good reason to suspect technical surveillance or bugging.

Your company’s stock is traded publicly (or will be in the near future) Your company is facing labor issues, union activities, or negotiations Your company is involved in any kind of legal dispute or lawsuit Your company is planning to lay off workers (or has already done so) Your company is in the fashion, automotive, advertising, or marketing industry.

Secret meetings and bids are often targets for corporate spies. How would you feel if your plans for taking over other companies became public knowledge? How would your competitors benefit from having copies of your product designs? How would it affect your chances of winning a project if your competitors knew your quoted price?