Be aware that anyone who has Money, Power, Influence, or access to sensitive, classified, or personal information is in serious danger of being spied on.

Similarly, if you are (or have been) employed by any military, government, law enforcement or judicial agency, you have a high chance of being targeted for surveillance. This surveillance can come from legal or illegal sources, and is seldom authorized by a court.

Also, if you are married to, related to, divorced from, in the process of divorcing, dating, or getting intimate with someone who works in law enforcement, private security, PI, or any level of the judicial system, you should worry about unlawful spying.

Then you need a TSCM operation.

Personal situations with high risk of espionage :

  1. You or someone close to you is involved in any form of litigation or lawsuit.
  2. You or someone close to you has been questioned, arrested, or arraigned by the police.
  3. You are in the process of getting married, divorced, or separated.
  4. You are a minister or religious leader, such as a priest, rabbi, deacon, bishop, elder, etc.
  5. You are running for any type of elected public office.
  6. You have been elected to any public office, such as mayor, selectman, school principal, etc.
  7. You are an executive or scientist at any large company.
  8. You have recently filed an insurance claim.
  9. You are engaging in political demonstrations or activism.
  10. You are employed by a defense contractor, Department of Energy, etc.
  11. Private Investigators have been “poking” around.
  12. You are in the upper income bracket.